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A destination for all things by Victoria’s Secret, a brand that is inspired by a love for lingerie, and the desire to bring beauty and fantasy into every woman’s wardrobe. And for the first time, the well known Annual Fashion Show will be held in London, Earls Court on December 2nd.
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  • Don't get me wrong I love Lindsay but personally I don't think she deserves the fantasy bra I feel as though she has faded it to the background a bit I would love if doutzen got it and I know your not the biggest fan of her but I would also be happy if behati got it as well she has been with vs awhile and she has been used a lot by vs this year. P.s your blog is the best VS blog xo

    Asked by Anonymous

    Behatis been with VS just as long as Lindsay, like I’m a fan and I’ll be happy for Bee if she gets it. I just think there are more deserving girls like Doutzen, Adriana, Alessandra :) If not them, then Lindsay or Bee xx

    Why #Dubai ?? What does that mean !! They will go to dubai or what !!!

    Asked by Anonymous

    I have no clue! Maybe it’s inspired by Dubai or something? I don’t want to read into it too much, incase it doesn’t mean anything haha xx

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